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President’s Message

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

I am pleased and excited to have been elected to serve as the New York Chapter President. Having spent the summer laying the groundwork for what I’m confident will be an exciting term, the team is poised to get into full gear to lead this wonderful organization.

Our platform is simple:  – Promoting Diversity and Inclusion; within the workplace and on transportation projects

                                              – Providing Professional Development and Leadership Training for our members

                                              – Engaging the Communities served by the NY Region’s Transportation Network

Chiefly, COMTO’s mission is to ensure opportunities and maximum participation in the transportation industry for minority individuals, businesses, and communities of color, through advocacy, information sharing, training, education, and professional development. This reflects the principles upon which the Founding Members began and built this organization nearly 50 years ago. Membership growth and retention, internship opportunities, community service, and support for HUBs will be the means by which we advance those core values over the coming years.

As we join together to embark upon the multitude of opportunities in the transportation industry – locally, nationally, and globally, let’s commit to reaching our goals together and become the next big movement in transportation; blazing new trails as we do so.

To that end, I encourage you to engage others, attend our seminars and events, become a member, volunteer or sponsor, and most of all – participate in what will be the most dynamic and fastest growing organization in the transportation industry.

In closing, with gratitude, I truly embrace this privilege to lead COMTO-NY. I am confident that we will help build future transportation leaders and vendors and achieve new heights within the industry.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Respectfully yours,

Wynton Habersham

President COMTO – New York Chapter