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    In 2020, we are living through some of the darkest and most difficult days in our lifetime. Even in the midst of a brutal global pandemic where a disproportionate number of minorities are losing their lives to COVID-19, we are still witnessing, yet again, the all too common horror of police brutality, racial attacks and other discriminatory practices.


    Avoiding talks about race only intensifies the perpetuation of racialized dilemmas of racism, discrimination, healthcare access, policing and controversial punitive actions. It ends today!


    • We call for JUSTICE for the killings of our brothers and sisters including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner and so many others who died as a result of police brutality or other acts of racism!
    • We call for police and justice reform everywhere! We call on the nation’s Mayors and Local Elected Officials to take President Obama’s “Mayor’s Pledge” to review their use of force policies with members of their communities and commit to report on planned reforms!
    • We call for the immediate adoption of a New Culture of ZERO-TOLERANCE for racism and discrimination everywhere!
    • We call for all organizations that are publicly funded to commit to advancing the inclusion of people of color into executive leadership with greater decision-making authority to end institutional and structural racism and discrimination! In addition, we challenge all non-publicly funded organizations to do the same.

    Alignment of these calls will fortify our stance for ending violence against communities of color and shift the power of every organization claiming to make a profound difference by ending widespread inequalities.


    The four inter-related principles of social justice – equity, access, participation and rights — have continually been breached for decades within this so-called egalitarian society which obstructs the path of the COMTO Mission and Purpose!

    • It’s time to stand as a united front and challenge the excuses for the atrocities.
    • It’s time to establish open forums to address social, political and economic inequities.
    • It’s time to demand racial equality in the forefront of today’s society to broaden the cultural perspectives and representation of communities of color throughout society.
    • It’s time to implement policies that guarantee diversity and inclusion of communities of color.
    • It’s time to recruit and integrate talented, qualified people of color into senior executive leadership and decision-making roles, putting an end to organizational racism and discrimination.

    We pledge to take a steadfast position on the mistreatment and disparities impacting and targeting communities of color with fervent zeal.


    We ask that you stand with us to support efforts to end police brutality, demand racial justice, defend the right to protest, and mandate the inclusion of people of color into position of power to eliminate inequalities.


    Fraternally, COMTO NY Board of Directors and Advisory Board Members

    We now have a page for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) resources and information.

    This beautiful tribute video was made by MTA employee Lizette Rodriguez.

    United Way of New York City and COMTO NY shows appreciation to Essential New York Transportation Employees

    Photo galleries can be found here










    Our vision is to build upon our nearly 50-year continuous legacy of ensuring full access to, while keeping pace with the rapidly evolving industry and anticipating future goals and accomplishments.


    Our mission is to ensure opportunities and maximum participation in the transportation industry for minority individuals, veterans, disabled community and certified MWDBE businesses through leadership training, professional corporate mentoring program, scholarship and internship funding, political advocacy, public/private partnership building and networking opportunities.

    Inside Our Organization

    The New York Chapter of the Conference on Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO New York) is an organization comprised of minority and women transportation professionals who work at all levels in the public and private sectors of the transportation and related industries. The organization was founded in 1971 and is now positioning itself as a key voice in issues related to professional development, advocacy of new technologies, entrepreneurship and other corporate initiatives including the growth of the next generation of leaders through two important initiatives:- Professional advancement of current transportation professionals. -Recruitment of new professionals, including students considering careers in transportation.

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