COMTO Self-Care Webinar on April 30, 2020

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December 27, 2019
MWBE May 2020 Webinar Series
May 12, 2020

We live in a connected world. Business moves at the speed of light (literally) and in some places customers or associates seem to be demanding instant access and instant answers regardless of day or time of day. How do these constant demands affect our bodies, our minds and our health? More than half of American workers say they feel guilty about taking vacation time. Do we really need to be available all day, every day?

In this time of coronavirus, work from home, shelter in place, and never seen stresses on individuals and business, self-care is even more important.

This webinar will give ideas for sustainably working through these times, how we can periodically disconnect from the pressure of these demands, and present some tools for effective self-care.


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